CLASSIC European Motocross Championship 2024 in Schwanenstadt

The Schwanenstadt Motorsport Association is taking on a new challenge this year. With the organisation of the ECMX Cup 2024 on 15 June 2024 Schwanenstadt is putting itself in the international spotlight as the Austrian organiser of this series.

This European ...


The classic motocross sport is not dead yet, over 170 riders from 13 European countries set a clear example in Lugnorre, I hope it continues like this. Surrounded by three lakes, Lugnorre is located in the western part of Switzerland, on the border of the German and French languages. I think the MC Vully, with the many young helpers, has put together ...



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CEC Pacov Czech Republic 24. Juni 2023

Perfect Classic Motocross weather on Saturday in Pacov. The drivers were enthusiastic about the super prepared slope, the great infrastructure with showers and clean toilets, the easy registration and technical control, the organization of the races, marshals and the rescue service. There were gripping ...

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