Up Date 10 October 21

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Dear ECMO Friends,

As you will have read already, life in all its facets has simply continued, despite the 2 years of corona stop. So a lot of sad things did happen, but also a lot of nice and new things we discovered. We especially sympathize with those friends and families, who have been affected by sad things and the loss of a loved one.

But let us now look forward in the positive direction, despite a “short” revival of a new variant of the virus in some countries. We will stop this Delta-plus very soon and I still hope that the vaccination will continue. Important and also very sympathatic to the nursing staff. Just like we, you and the clubs want to create the new calendar, but first we have to wait for the final international calendar, so that the clubs can organize around these dates their club, national or ECMO races.

So please be patient. Probably within 2 weeks we will have our dates completed and will publish them immediately on the site. On behalf of the Board, I wish you all a beautiful autumn, with perhaps a few local or national races, and a gentle and nice winter.

We hope to see each other sometime in April 2022 at our first CEC.

On behalf of the Board,