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Dear Friends,

The liberation has begun. Too early?? I don't know. The vaccinations are moving quickly in the right direction, but don't we want too much too soon? Holidays?? Festivals?? At this very moment, (11/7) the number of infections, with the "Delta" variant, is exploding in several places. And because we have a completely dis-harmonious policy in Europe regarding travel within Europe in this corona time, it is for us as ECMO in consultation with MC Culitzsch, very difficult to decide whether or not to have the CMCdN. Each country has his own restrictions and rules, regarding vaccinations, tests and quarantine. We follow the developments very closely and keep you informed. But it is important for you to check for yourself how the travel facilities are concerning your trip to Germany and going back again. Of course you want to be sure that you can travel both to Culitzsch and back home without any problems". Some countries have decided not to send teams. That is a pity on the one hand, but also very understandable on the other, because of the many uncertainties. But let us try to be positive!! The MC Culitzsch is positive and is allowed to organize the CMCdN, until now, giving the situation surrounding the virus. All rules are OK. And they are looking forward to welcome you all and organize the races with enthusiasm. Future negative developments, outside our sphere of influence, can of course still ruin the event. That would be very pity. But keep thinking positive and stay safe!!!! Have a nice summer and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Board of ECMO Alberto