Update December 21

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Dear Sports Friends, There has been little communication in recent weeks. The impact of the corona crisis is much greater than we originally thought and hoped. Hopefully you have endured well in terms of health with all those mutations and new outbreaks.

Yet we lost 2 full seasons to the virus. It was irresponsible for our international events, CECs and CMCdN, to take place in a safe and secure manner. Think of all those travel movements, the mutual contacts, which vaccinations and also all kinds of different restrictions from various governments . But the optimism and hope have remained. We therefore assume that 2022 will bring a new start, with beautiful races and especially the renewed encounters with your cross friends from all over Europe. And of course a lot has happened in the past 2 years. There will have been joy for several reasons. But also intense sadness for those who have lost a loved one, whether or not because of corona. The board wishes the relatives of these deceased a lot of strength to bear this loss.

Let me end on a positive note with the hope that we will meet again somewhere in Europe, to enjoy our beautiful Classic Moto Cross with new energy and pleasure.

The board wishes you all a merry Christmas and a beautiful, but above all healthy 2022. On behalf of the board, Alberto (Chairman)

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