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Dear Friends, It is been too long since we had the opportunity to greet each other at an ECMO race. Do you remember? September 2019 in Marum NL, the CMCdN. And when will it be again? We have to be patient for the near future and wait and see when it is allowed to travel free throughout Europe again. Fortunately we have some vaccines now that can help to shorten the lockdowns and other restrictions but a lot will depend on us! Free travelling is a must for an ECMO event. Everybody from each European country must be able to go there. Another aspect is that after so long time with no motocross and no practice, it is very important for a rider to practice before starting to race. Specially the older riders can be fallen back in condition and that lack of rhythm can be dangerous and more quickly lead to accidents and injuries and that we don't want at all. Let us be optimistic and hope that we will be able to race again in the very near future!

Maybe you have already noticed, or maybe not, but we are in the process of building a newer and more modern Web site. Also here you will find all the relevant ECMO information, news, regulations, entry forms, pictures etc.etc. Address of the NEW site: www.classicmotorsport.eu Save this address immediately!! There is a little bit difference between the "Old" one and the "New" , but important, so be accurate when you enter the address: www.classicmotorsport.eu The old website will soon disappear but will run parallel for a while but in the future you have to go to www.classicmotorsport.eu

Dear friends keep your courage and trust and we will see each other soon. Board of ECMO