ECMO Update 2021

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Hello everyone, we hope you are all doing well.

We are still all living in strange times but we are still hoping for our 2021 calendar.

The provisional calendar is; CEC-1 Jini (CZ) - May 22 CEC-2 Ramonchamp (FR) - June 26 CEC-3 Offenbach (DE) - July 24

We of course are still thinking about if is possible for organizers and riders to be able to compete in the CEC 2021, we must think about ensuring everyone is able to travel between all countries and be able to return! We have sent a mail to all of the ECMO representatives asking for their views.

We also have the CMCdN in Culitzsch, Germany, September 18! We hope that we will be able to all be together at this special event.

We have been working on this new website for ECMO. We hope that you find it ok. We are still adding to it to make it even better! We also have new facebook, twitter and instagram pages.

Yours in sport, Board of ECMO