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2022-01-31 Dear classicmotorsport friends, It's been quiet around ECMO and classic motocross outside for a while, but that doesn't mean nothing happened internally. After 2 years of being in the stranglehold of Corona, it now seems to be going in the right direction and we can hope for a new season.

It is also a difficult time for the organizers ...


Due to the situation with Covid and restrictions in France the CEC in Ramonchamp on 26/06/2021 has been cancelled. The club are very sorry but hope to run in 2022 if this is possible.

Please keep looking at the website for further updates on the CEC calendar 2021.

ECMO Board


On this new webite you will find we have a online entry form to enter the CEC 2021 events.

You will need to complete the form for each event you want to enter - so if you want to come to all 3 events you will need to complete the form 3 times!

Complete all details and click SUBMIT


Hello everyone, we hope you are all doing well.

We are still all living in strange times but we are still hoping for our 2021 calendar.

The provisional calendar is; CEC-1 Jini (CZ) - May 22 CEC-2 Ramonchamp (FR) - June 26 CEC-3 Offenbach (DE) - July 24

We of course are still thinking about if is possible for organizers and riders ...


Dear Sport Friends,

Hopefully, all of you are doing well and you are healthy, despite the fact that this Covid-19 pandemic is starting to take the shape of a marathon, with occasional nasty sprints. Everything is still uncertain for the coming months, with ...


Dear ECMO Friends,

First of all, I hope, also on behalf of the Board, that you are all in good health, and free from the Covid-19 problems. I could not have imagined that when we canceled the entire ECMO season in May, that there would be a second wave ...